There are over 3 billions of snaps being shared every day and because of this, marketers are
looking for ways that will boost their Snapchat marketing strategy. Apart from popular social
media channels like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, Snapchat can also make a great
addition to your marketing mix, especially if you’re focusing on the most relevant methods for
your target audience.

Gone are the days where marketers used to just try out Snapchat for the
sole reason that it seemed great for the younger audience. Now, we are in a phase where you
have to exert more efforts and be more strategic if you want to increase your ROI. Undeniably,
your Snapchat marketing strategy has to be carefully planned to justify all the time, money, and
efforts you’ve poured on it. Fortunately, Snapchat still has so many benefits to offer for
businesses looking for ways to make the most out of this channel.

Use it to reach young adults

Snapchat is a perfect marketing tool if one of your target audiences are youngsters. In fact, it is
the millennials who are the core user of this channel. Furthermore, it was discovered from a
survey by Bobs SEO that 94% of young Americans from the age group 18-24 use Snapchat and 92% from
young people aged 12-17. It is also important to note that you have to make sure you have a
Snapchat marketing strategy prior to using this platform as a brand. In other words, using
Snapchat as part of your marketing tactics is not enough if you cannot come up with strategic
ways to utilize it.

Take time to understand how it truly works

All the assumptions you have about your target audience will not be on point because not all
youngsters use Snapchat the same way. Thus, it is important for you to first understand this
channel before diving right on it. Just like any channel, Snapchat also has a preference for unique
and authentic content so having those exact attributes will increase your chances of standing out.
Also, you have to ensure that when you highlight your brand message, it won’t, in any way, ruin
the Snapchat experience of the audience because remember, Snapchat started as a fun way to
interact with friends, not stuff it with in-your-face promotional contents. So be natural as
possible in positioning your content. It should resonate with the feel of the channel.

Avoid copy-pasting content from your other social media accounts

Many brands are tempted to use the same Instagram content to their Snapchat account. Some
have even done this. However, this is not the best idea because Instagram caters to a wider
audience and is more popular, thus Instagram users may not necessarily be the same people who
engage in Snapchat. If you don’t have much content to post, then it’s better to reduce your
frequency of posting rather than using the same content. This way, you can maintain your
brand’s authentic and creative image in Snapchat.

Be fun and engaging

Use Snapchat in such a way that your brand presence do not lose its fun and engaging qualities
because, without those two, people will just skim past your content. Share some of your behind
the scenes footage, conduct fun contests, and post interactive content, exclusive images, and

If you focus on thinking of ways to offer an authentic and fun experience to your
followers, you’ll have less difficulty in building your Snapchat marketing strategy. You can also
use this platform to promote content that you haven’t displayed in your other channels.